About Me


A Little About Me -

Hello there and welcome to my portfolio! A little bit about myself - I’m a photographer based out of New York City. Although I have experience in different types of photography, from engagement photoshoots, to weddings, editorial, small and large events, my specialty and truest passion is interior and architectural photography. I’ve always had a fascination for the arts - dabbled in instruments, making beats and music growing up - maybe that’s why I love architectural and interior design so much. Something about the spaces I’ve had the pleasure of shooting, how different they all are, and the immense amount of hard-work put into the design of each space - that is what I enjoy most.

I grew up in the concrete jungle of The Bronx - the dopest borough in NYC, and where hip-hop originated. Since the time my mother permitted me to ride the train by myself during my young days, I’d always go down to Manhattan and view the architecture of all the astonishing buildings down there. It always fascinated me that a group of individuals had a vision to create something of this caliber, and executed to get it done. Thanks to such visionaries, we have the most distinct and beautiful buildings throughout NYC.

I’ve been in the photography field for over six years now, and take a lot of pride in the work I have created throughout the years. I am a self-taught photographer, and years ago decided that I wanted to test the waters in this field, and studied every expert in the industry until I was able to create my own style and master my craft. Countless years later, and thousands of spaces I’ve had the honor to shoot, my passion for my craft is the same as when I first started. 

I thank every single person that turned into a client, and every company that believed in me strongly enough to execute their vision - It is because of all of you that I am where I am in this industry, today.